Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hat Competition!

Anirudh has a hat competition today at his school along with a party on account of Children's Day. The catch was that the hats had to be handmade by parents. They had told us about this about 2 weeks ago. But last week when we were away at Jaipur for Diwali I just forgot about it. Late evening around 6:30 I remembered about it and realised I had nothing to make one out of. Immediately I went to the local market and got some paper, some stickers and a fevicol stick.

At night around 10:30 when the Betu had gone to bed with his Papa, I started at it. And then the mind seemed completely blank! I just couldn't think of what to make. I knew I can't make just a conical regular birthday kinds. It had to be different. A little bit different at least. What turned out wasn't great but I think it was a decent effort and a decent output. What says you guys?

He's sporting his trademark fake or shall I say diplomatic smiles? Its very rare that you can click him in his natural smiles these days! Its another story that you just can't click him easy these days! He will make sure to look other way or make those funny faces!

Although I know the hat isn't something amazing but I am already wondering if he will win anything! Errr...ok ok...I'm thinking more on the lines if I will win anything since I made it :P


  1. Very well made and you have put a lot of effort to make it, for the short time you had!

  2. you just won a round of applause :) the hat really is beautiful and very well crafted! and Anirudh looks princely wearing it! let us know how it was recd..

  3. hey, nice hat!! u shud see waht i was a sad cone out of newspaper. bonbon is doomed :(

    ani looks so adorable in it. reminds me of my cousin who used to give fake smiles everytime he saw the aunt and uncle started taking his pics without his knowledge. he's gotten over it now though!

  4. You will win, girl... you just wait and watch :)

  5. That hat sure is a winner Ani's Mom! It really is beautiful and you crafted it at such short notice :)

  6. Thanks all! But sadly it turned out it was just a hat day and not a competition as such. Good part was that his was completely different from the others :) Some consolation at least for me..hehehe..