Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yeh Anirudh nahi hai!

Looking at the slide show on this blog he asked me who this baby is. When I told him its him only he just shook his head in negative saying "Yeh Anirudh nahi hai!" (This is not Anriudh) And then after a few pics he could recognise its him. So he goes 'Yeh Anirudh hai. Woh betu nahi hai!" (This is Anriudh. That was not Betu - referring to the earlier pics of him as a baby).

He had such conviction in his tone and expressions that I decided its best to leave it at that :D


  1. hahaha, don't worry after a couple of years he will start recognizing his baby photos.

  2. :D This happens with Madhu and Nandhu also. When I show them their baby pictures they ask "who is this baby?"

  3. wow, i didn't know that happens!

    You're tagged!