Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Longest nap ever!

Anirudh took his longest nap ever this Sunday evening i.e on Nov 25, 2007. He slept at 5:40 PM on Sunday and woke up at 7:30 AM on Monday morning i.e Nov 26, 2007. Can you beat that? A non stop 14 hrs of sleep? And I was so worried because he has never slept this long ever that I would keep going and checking on him just to make sure he's fine. :P

He's never slept for 2 hours at a stretch even when he was an infant when I used to hear babies sleep for 4hrs at a stretch easily. And what worried me was it was soon after his trampoline rendezvous and I kept wondering if that didn't do any harm to his brain or any other internal injury. Funny parents we are..right?

And when he woke up in the morning after his kumbhakaran-nap he drank his milk without even one prodding from me or hubby. On his own, just like that! And once he had gulped down his milk, he himself asked to get his teeth brushed! Me and hubby laughed that something definitely has happened after that trampoline jumping but its for the better! Hehehehe....

But when the everyday fuss ensued over his bath, we both sighed and said "Sab waisa hi hai! No change!" (Everything is the same) and laughed again! :D


  1. Ooookay, I am buying a trampoline at home, hoping that such sleeping-drinking milk magic might happen :)

  2. Oh poor thing must have been so tired out. Now that you know he was perfectly fine he won't do it again!

  3. The trampoline sure looked like fun. I saw it at the Pacific mall when I was in India last year. I think both of you should also try it once. As for Anirudh's nap, well, everyone gets a day off from tiem to time.Consider that yours :)

  4. UTBT: Hahaha..thats a nice idea!!

    Squiggles Mom: Ohh he wants to do everyday! sadly such expensive adventure sports will burn a huge hole in our pockets :)

    Ruchika: Yes it sure looks like fun! But sadly they do not allow adults. Its only for kids upto a certain age/weight. Poor me :( And what a great way of looking at it as my time off :D Good good! I like it!

  5. WoW! That's one feat - sleeping for 14 hrs at a stretch :)
    But I can undertand how you must have felt. I would have got very scared if KT slept like that.

  6. I know exactly what you mean. I was counting breathing rate when brat slept after his head fall recently, can you imagine...the hubby thinks i have lost it completely