Thursday, November 1, 2007

Some more of Anirudh talks!

Incident 1:
Today evening me and Anirudh were playing some games together and after a while he decided its enough and told me "Bas! Thoda rest karenge!" (Stop. Lets rest a while). So as we both sat down he came over to me and started to cuddle. As we were cuddling he pulls him away and says "Apna chashma to utaro! Mujhe dardi ho rahi hai!" (Take of your specs. They are hurting me) :D

Incident 2:
An hour ago I had to go to the nearby market to get some documents photocopied. The moment I entered inside the main gate he came running out of the main door of the house and goes "Aap kahan gaye the? Main pareshaan ho raha tha!" (Where did you go? I was getting worried.) I was so awed at this statement and bent down and just hugged him.

Incident 3:
Today morning when DH was going to get milk I was telling him a few more things that need to be brought. Once I was done, Betu immediately piped in saying "Aur ek Munch(chocolate) bhi lana betu ke liye!" (Get one Munch too for Betu). How swiftly he added his item to the list of items to be bought left us laughing and awed.

Incident 4:
Yesterday Betu was insisting continuously to me to buy him a chocolate saying "Mumma please ek Munch(chocolate) khayunga! Only one!" (I will have just one Munch). But since this weather his bronchitis gets aggravated at slightest of things like eating chocolate or toffees or not being warm enough so I was telling him no he can't have it again and again. Finally after asking me for about 4-5 times and seeing that I was not complying, he goes "Main please bol raha hoon na!" (I'm saying please) And the expressions on his face were so innocent and pleading like. How he changes his behaviour as per the situation amazes me. Just like a chameleon!


  1. Don't call betu a chameleon! His expressions were honest. He so badly wanted to have a chocolate.
    He is just soooooooooooo cute!
    Yesterday, Rishab also had this sweet sweet smile while asking me for pretzel sticks while we were in a shop, saying "Once were are home can I have a pretzel?". I had told him so before.

  2. I was smiling as I read about the chasma request:)Chocolates!ah,that's an area where it's hard to bargain with kids isn't it? He is soo adorable.

  3. so cute ! Love reading about his talks :-) Bubbly still says when she pleads for something and I put my foot down and say 'no' - "if someone says PLEASE you have to listen " !

  4. how come he always says these smart things right off the bat! "aur ek munch bhi lana betu key liye" -that is how you would have said it!! he's too cool :)

  5. I love these incidents you post :)
    and the cuteness therein!