Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Anirudh talks!

Incident 1:
Few days ago DH was saying something to me and since my mind was preoccupied with something I didn't respond back. Betu walks up to me and says in a angry inquisitive tone "Papa aapse bol rahe hain. Aap unse baat kyun nahi kar rahe?" (Papa is saying something to you. Why are you not talking to him?) And when I looked at him and said "Sorry beta, maine nahi suna." (Sorry, I didn't hear) he goes' Papa aapse bol rahe hain. Aap unki baat suno" (Papa is saying something to you. You listen to him) And I had no choice but to nod my head like an obedient child.

Incident 2:
Yesterday Betu was busy drawing something on the paper. And as I turned to look at him I felt a sudden urge to hug him and give him nice squeeze. So as I hugged him he irritatedly tells me "Aap mujhe hila kyun rahe h0? Main square bana raha hoon" (Why are you disturbing me. I'm making a square) I had to just plainly tell him 'sorry' and hold back my emotions. Poor me.


  1. Ha Ha Ha ,the signs of growing up,its such a wonder isn't it,the small bundle of joy whom you hold in your hands for the first time looking at you with twinkling eyes in a matter of few months and years talk like a parrot and have opinions,choices and likes and dislikes and the parents life just revolves around them,the biggest miracle of nature i would say is kids,the motherhood, both change a worlds perspective i feel:) and Oh yes,i am yet to be through the whole phase,right now still basking in the newly wed crown,you enjoy it all lady.
    Will mail you the details of the songs.

  2. My lil guy is 4 years old...hes already is showing traces of a personality...his likes and dislikes are nowadays perfectly clear to my wife and I ...they seem to grow up so damn fast...

  3. you are just as sweet as your betu!

  4. so cute i like this -betu teaches him mom series....