Friday, October 12, 2007

A dose a day...

With each passing day Anirudh is getting bossier and bossier. And we, the parents, meekly hang our heads when he scolds us which has become quite a regular feature now. Its almost come to the frequency of a dose a day from him to us! Usually these doses are sent our way towards the end of the day i.e. the evenings but today we got a good one right in the morning at 7:30 AM. :)

Hubby and I were discussing something and we didn't realise when we moved from talking normally to talking a bit louder. I was in the Kitchen and Hubby was in the lobby adjoining the kitchen. Betu I think was in the living room. Suddenly I hear him shouting "Papa!" gives a tight little pat on DH's arm saying "Naughty boy!". Imagine him saying with a really angry tone. Once done with his Papa, he comes to me and shows me his finger and goes "Mumma! naughty girl!" with the same tone. I tried to tell him Papa-Mumma were not fighting but were just talking loudly. But he just wouldn't listen to anything and said "No shouting!".

Hubby and me looked at each other and smiled. So I said "Sorry Betu! We will not talk like this." Then he looked at hubby waiting for the same response leaving Hubby with no choice. I called him for a hug then. He came running to me, gave me a nice tight hug and also gave one peck on the cheek. Then he went to his Papa and gave one to him too. Since I usually tell him to give me on both my cheeks saying "Doosra gallu (gaal, cheek) royega" when he gives me a kiss on just one cheek, he knew I would say that today also. But before I could do that he goes "Dono ne galat baat kari na, isliye ek hi puchha (kiss) milega!" and went away to the living room to continue doing whatever he was doing.

Me and DH both were so amazed at his statements and had a hearty laugh too! We just love him for these little little antics of his. How he reacts and acts in situations makes us so happy and proud! We love you Betu!


  1. "Dono ne galat baat kari na, isliye ek hi puchha (kiss) milega!" LOL ..this is way too much ...He is a genius for sure !!!

  2. Amazing! Just amazing! A genius he is! I like his way of reasoning. Sounds quite fair too!