Friday, October 12, 2007

Time to celebrate..

And to celebrate not one but two things. The first one being that Anirudh won us a meal for two at Machan, Taj Mahal Hotel. Yay!

You may remember that on Oct 6, 2007 he had a fancy dress show at his play school. They had a raffle also along with it. But the draw was to be taken out yesterday i.e Oct 11, 2007. So when I had bought the raffle ticket, I wrote it out in Anirudh's name. And I completely forgot about the draw. But yesterday when I went to pick him up from the daycare, I got this lovely surprise!

As I was telling about this news to his Dadi, she said "Dekho Betu abhi kamata bhi nahi hai aur abhi se 5-Star mein dinner par le ja raha hai!" (Betu doesn't earn yet and he's taking you out for dinner already at a 5-Star!) :D

Although this was the 3rd prize I'm really glad we didn't win the 1st prize! Yes..its true. The first prize was a free stay for 2 nights for a couple at Taj hotel in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh. And that would mean planning a holiday trip with other expenses involved. For a person who would have been thinking of a trip to go to, it might be the perfect prize but not for us! :D

And the second reason for celebration, but that reason is only for me, because I realised that this is the 100th post on this blog! A 100th! Its a 'Wow!' thing for me!

So double celebrations! Yipee!!


  1. Wow! That's Wonderful! Do take a picture to put in here later.

  2. Really!! Congratulations - hmm...come back and tell us all about the dinner. How many of us get to win something for our parents - that too at such a young age? I agree with his dadi.
    (you know what. I have also found that the third prize is usually more practical than the 1st and 2nd. Have you seen the film "children of heaven?)
    And congratulations yet again on the 100th!!

  3. wonderful - congrats!!

    i would have loved the kajuraho one as well- what a school !! good prizes.....

  4. congrats anirudh and nm :) let us know how the dinner was.

    and congrats on your century. looking forward to reading more posts on your blog!

  5. Congrats Anirudh and NM! He is such a luck boy (Touch wood)!His Dadi must have been so proud :) and Congrats on your 100th post!

  6. Congratulations Anirudh and congrats NM for the 100th post and i came here at right time to be a part of the celebrations:)

    And i just wanted to tell you something which may surprise you, I have been reading your blog for more than 5 months for now and one fine day when i was free and at home all alone read all the posts on this blog, Yes i did that:D
    Keep posting and god bless the kid who is so sweet and cute:)

  7. PG: Will definitely do that when we go!

    Usha : Thanks! I haven't seen that movie. I'm sure it won't be available easy at the DVD rentals but will try to download it from the net.

    Artnavy, Dotmom, mnAmma: Thanks! :)

    Alapana: Wow! You made me so happy! And I was like :O when I read that you read the ENTIRE blog! Who wouldn't want a reader like that. :D Thanks girl! You made me so happy!

  8. Congratulations !! Here's to the next 100, what an apt gift Anirudh's gotten you folks. Amazing !

  9. Double congratulations NM :-) And loved the last post too - sooooo cute !

  10. Congratulations!!! Lucky lucky girl. Have a wonderful meal and come back and give us some mouth watering details.
    And keep writing :). Here's to the next 100. Hurray!

  11. what a lovely school you've put Anirudh in! Hope you guys had fun.

    And congrats on your 100th post. Many many more milestones left to pass...:-)

  12. congrats, Krish! (aka Anirudh!)
    and congrats nm for a quick century :) hope to see many more from you!

  13. congrats,nm!! well done :-)...

    i liked granny's comment - 5 star treat for you from your son :-)

    happy blogging all around ...

    achha, the jawahar nagar thing is too much of a coincidence! am going to be there on diwali, are you?