Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Permanent Kebab mein haddi!

Remember this nickname that was bestowed upon Anirudh by his dear Daddy? So why and what am I writing about this nickname?

About 10 minutes ago, DH came to me and started to cuddle. We were in the bedroom but hadn't closed the door or drawn the door curtains. Betu was sitting in the living room and he could see us. The moment he saw DH cuddling with me, he goes "Papa! Aap mumma ko pareshaan kyun kar rahe ho?"

And we both laughed hard and as usual DH said "Permanent kebab mein haddi!"


  1. :-) when my daughter was about that age too and would catch us cuddling she would come to us, put both her hands on hips and give hubby 'that' look and turn around immediately and cross her arms on her chest until hubby pulled her and gave her a cuddle too ! She still does that and I purposely go and cuddle hubby in fron of her just to see those expressions !!!

  2. Like the brat tells the husband with wagging finger. "pappa, you dont diss mamma. I'm telling you. I'm serious."

  3. LOL. That was so funny. I'm still grinning. Squiggles does that too already, not with words but with a crumpled face and loud wail.

  4. LOL, the kids get so protective abt u that i fear that they r scared we r fighting.. mine hit the hubby if he tries any nasty tricks on me!!

  5. 2BM: I tried to imagine a lil girl the way you described, with hands on the bums and I laughed soooooooo much!

    Karmic: Haha..too good!

    ITW: Anirudh does the same too but not often - spanking either of us depending on whom he felt was responsible for troubling the other!

    @all : It surely was a total LOL moment! :D

  6. Now this one is SOOOOOOO familiar! :-D LOL!