Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Contuper or a computer?

Whenever Anirudh speaks in a hurry he will always call a computer as "Contuper" :D And the moment he calls it a "Contuper", I say "What?" and he will say the word slowly and correctly as "Com-pu-ter"! So basically he fumbles with the pronunciation when he says it too fast and which happens too often.

But somehow I just can't laughing at this word that he has coined :D

And there are times when he just pretends to not hear what I'm saying. So if I will say anything he will go "Kya?". I will say it again and he will repeat "Kya?" and the third time when I will repeat it, he will cup his hands near his ears and say "Mujhe sunayee nahi de raha! Kya?" and I'm ready to run after him to give a nice little spanking!

First couple of times when he tried to play this trick on me he succeeded well enough. But lately I've figured out when he's playing a trick on me :)


  1. I'm curious to know when!:)

  2. PG : The look on his face tells me loud and clear the "whens" :D

  3. hahahaha....good selective hearing!!! :-)

  4. Stone: Now I know that selective hearing in men starts this early :)