Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aapko kaise pata?

As I picked him from his daycare, he told me his friend Jas Karan ate "chewgli" and he also wants one.

For a moment I didn't understand what he wanted so I just said let's first sit in the car and then we will talk about it.

And as soon as we started driving, he said "Chalo market chalte hain aur 'chewgli' le kar aayenge. Mujhe bhi 'chewgli' khani hai.". And then it struck me that he meant "chewing gum".

But obviously I said no. And he started fussing. I tried to tell him that its not good thing to eat and he will get germs in the tummy. But he would not hear anything. I even pretended to call up his friend and ask him if he ate chewing gum and told Betu that his friend didn't eat it. But still he wouldn't listen and started getting angry.

I also was getting a little irritated now and told him "You are a bad boy!" and can you imagine what he replied to me? "Aapko kaise pata?" I just didn't know whether I should have gotten angry or laughed.

*rolling my eyes*

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  1. Fair enough.. :) So did he get the gum then? I usually threaten Nantu saying that he should change his name to his friend's name or go to their house if he wants to act like them.. I want Nantu not X I say.. and that calms him down :P