Saturday, February 16, 2008

Main bahut busy hoon!

Whenever Betu is engrossed in either drawing or writing something on the paper, this is how his moodha is. Always! Slightly tilted, with the back portion in the air! :D

And while I thought that he must be busy with his painting, a little while later a strict command with his finger pointing to the fridge door "Yeh mera zaroori kaam hai. Aap isko touch nahi karna" (This is my important work. Do not touch this) made it clear what he was busy with in reality - writing gibberish...err...his important work on the sticky notes!

OK boss! We won't touch it! :D

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  1. You record such minute details of Anirudh. Looking at you, I am thinking of buying a blackberry once kiddo is born so that I too can record such little joys in life.