Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What do you...

... think when your child tells the Nanny "Dhyan se jaana!" who comes with us in the evening and gets down at a certain point on the way?
... say when your child tells you that he doesn't like this school and liked the older one better (which closed down last year in June)?
... do when your child says he gets frightened when other kids fight in the class and hit each other?
... think when your child tells you "Mujhe Ma'm to all the best bolna hai. Unki tabiyat theek nahi hai na isliye woh ghar chali gayee" (I want to say All the best to my Mam. She was not feeling well so she went back home)?
... do when your child tells you 'Mujhe aapki yaad aa rahi thi..main aapko dhoond raha tha" when you have just been away from him for 15 mins and not far away but just in the kitchen?
... feel when your child comes and asks you "Mumma chocolate nahi khate na?" And When answered "Nahi!" he says "TV mein woh ladki chocolate kha rahi thi!"?
... think when your child tells you he ate chocolate in the class that his Ma'm gave him and immediately realises he has made a mistake by telling you so and goes on to say "Maine kitnee baar bola mujhe nahi do, nahi do. Par Ma'm ne meri baat nahi suni"?


  1. Sweet ..I would just smile i guess :)

  2. That is really sweet. Such a gentle soul he is. Smiling is a good idea or sure. Taking in arms too. But I guess now he wants to know more. And you must talk to him. I find it hard sometimes to find the right answers too. But we are also learning. Isn't it. If you tell something wrong once the next time you would know better for sure. Learning by doing applies well here.

  3. you think and know he is smart beyond his years.. and its a feeling of pride that settles in your heart to see the little one growing up... am I right? or am I right?

  4. look at him growing up with somewhat sadness (u know what I mean) and loads of joy and grab these as opportunities to talk about things that he thinks about and work towards a beautiful bond for life.

  5. hug him, kiss him, smile at him and tell him its ok someto eat chocolates when you hsare them with someone, not alone and not by throwing tantrums :-)

  6. that he is CUTE, that he is growing to be a 'gentle'man, that he is a dear little boy, any which ways.

  7. So Sweet! Kids have a way of covering up things in a funny way! My brat also says something in similar lines like Betu when he eats chocolate or watches TV :)