Friday, February 15, 2008

When Betu gets angry with Mumma...

Betu: Main aapko Mausi ke ghar chhod dunga.

Me: Aapko fir pyaree kaun karega?
Betu: Papa karte hain mujhko pyaree.

Me: Aapko khana kaun khilayega?
Betu: Papa de denge.

Me: aapko ninni kaun karayega?
Betu: Papa karate hain na..

Me: Aapko stories kaun sunayega?
Betu: Umm...main nahi sununga...

Me: Aapko Mumma ki yaad nahi aayegi?
Betu: Nahi ...umm...thodi si aayegi... Bas thodi si...

I sighed a relief that atleast 'thodi si to yaad aayegi' :D

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  1. hahaha.. bas thodi si!! so cute!! btw you are better off than me .. see what my son says !! These kids.. whats one to do for some loyalty around here?

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  3. hi...
    enjoy the age of innocence and honesty....(am dealing with a 'always politically correct'ten year old)
    this is a really cute concept.shall come back for more.