Monday, March 3, 2008

Artist by nature?

Every time I see Betu drawing or painting I wonder if set is in his nature. You have to see for yourself the concentration with which he does and how engrossed he gets. The brows are slightly knitted, the lips keep pouting in and out and even if I call him numerous times he doesn't listen. See the pout in the picture below.

And when I was clicking him painting a butterfly, he actually got slightly angry and told me "Aap photo kheench kar mujhe pareshan kyun kar rahe ho? Meri painting kharab ho jayegi na fir?" (Why are you troubling me with your picture clicking? My painting will go wrong then.)

And I just had to sheepishly retreat back saying "Sorry!"

And see in this pic how he has hung his drawings on the clothesline using the clothespin.

And this is his version of a Christmas tree that he made couple of months ago. Its a tall green tree decorated with strings of red lights.

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  1. hey, he is doing a good work. usually, boys won't be interested in painting carefully

  2. Wow! He can draw so well! Beautiful, Anirudh!

  3. WOW !! He is colouring it so well...and with such concentration.

  4. How very TZP :-)

    Its magical to see the creativity and imagination. Kya hum bhi kabhi itne creative thhe? Seems like so long ago...

  5. Looks like he loves drawing and painting! Look how focused he is! Hugs to the l'il artist! :)