Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playing Holi at school

Anirudh had a blast playing Holi on 19th and 20th at his school. Every day he would come all colored up but on 20th he was colored up so much that I needed to give him a bath.

On 19th, his school had organised holi celebrations, which I was not aware of and thus I hadn't sent any colors with Betu. So when I picked him up in the evening he complained that he didn't have any colors with him and wanted me to take him to the market to buy him some. I somehow calmed him down saying Papa will take him once papa comes back from work. Thankfully he had very little gulal smeared on his forehead so I just wiped it with wet towel and it was good to go.

But on 20th, he got a packet of gulal from school and he was colored up so much that I was shocked. And he was so excited when I went to pick him up about having played holi and having a packet of gulal all for himself. He was being such a brat and kept saying "Main aapke holi lagayoon??!!" and kept showing me the packet of gulal in his pcoket. Since I was quite formally dressed, I was getting scared lest he smears me up and that was making it all the more fun for him to tease me every now and then about putting gulal on me. He really is such a brat!! :D

Here are some pictures of him post his holi session at his school on March 20. Since it is pink gulal, not much is visible in the pics as it was in real.
Look at his eyebrows in the picture above..they are full of pink gulal.


  1. Happy Holi! Though a belated wish!

  2. LOL! That was too funny about you being scared, if he would smear you with gulal! Children can be so naughty. I can see that in Rishab now as well!