Tuesday, March 18, 2008

His first prize!

Yesterday when I picked up Anirudh from his daycare I got to know that he had won a first prize in the "Balancing Race". They had to hold a glass of water and reach the finish line without spilling the water. I was definitely more ecstatic about him winning the race then he was :P

He won a big coloring book and a certificate. I haven't had a chance yet to click the certificate but will do it soon and post the picture here. This being his first prize, I was calling up everyone and telling them about it. When I told Hubby about it, he said lets buy a certificate holder for Anirudh now :)


  1. WOW ..Calls for a PARTY !!!!! Congrats to CHAMP !

  2. congrats!:)..[only prize i have even won in any sports comp in school was in 4th when i won the jumping race competiion]