Monday, March 31, 2008

First day at formal school!

While we were getting anxious about Betu while waiting for his orientation day at the new school to get over, he was having a good time coloring and playing. He said they even sang a few rhymes. He didn't tell me which ones though.

When we went inside the class to pick him up, he was smiling and all happy. A lot of kids were crying and he said "Yeh saare bachhe kyun ro rahe hain? Main dar gaya tha." What he meant was he got a little scared seeing all the kids crying.

So I told him next time someone cries, tell them let's play and color and he nodded his head in "OK" in response.

Then hubby asked him where did he sit and he showed us the table. They had very low tables and no chairs. He also showed us this ice cream that he colored up. He went on to explain that since he likes chocolate ice creams he has colored it up brown.

He then cheerily waved bye-bye to his teacher and trotted off with us. He showed us the aquarium on the way "Papa dekho, kitne saare fish!" and then dropped the bag in Hubby's hands and walked ahead of us.

Then we introduced him to the van driver and he is happy that he will go in the van to his daycare.

So on the whole he was just fine! It couldn't have been better it seems.

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  1. Enjoying school, hmm.. good, good...

  2. Nothing like starting as you mean to go on.. :-D All the best to dear Anirudh!

  3. Happy Birthday dearest Anirudh. You share a birthday with my husband (except you are 30 years younger:) ) What a lovely party you had. Happy Birthday to you and may you get everything you desire. ~nm, he is a very affectionate boym and so smart!

  4. Congratulations Anirudh for breezing through the day in your very special charming way !

    ( Don't laugh ~nm, but I saw him in my dream last night. weird, eh ?)

  5. Can I have that ice-scream .... looks YUM!

  6. 2BsM: would I laugh? So what was he doing? What did you see? I wanna know!!

    K3: Ice creams and chocolates is one thing that he just won't share with anyone. I know whom he has taken this trait from..who else..his mommy dearest! :P

  7. Caught up on few of Anirudh's school posts ..I was actually worried to say the least - some havoc that Ganguly commission has created in Delhi!! Huh - but now I heave a sigh of relief! Many good wishes to mummy and betu for a wonderful school year!!