Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 2 & Day 3 at the school

Day 2 wasn't as great in the morning when we dropped him as I've already written in my blog. He cried so much that I couldn't hold myself and cried when I came out of the school.

He was getting so scared at the kids crying so loudly and shrieking for their mothers to come back. I can't describe the feeling with which I walked out of the school in the morning. It felt like a terribly wrong decision. And I felt so horrible to have turned my back and walk away from him when he was calling for me.

But it was an altogether a different story when we went to pick him up at 12:30 PM. He was happy and smiling. When I asked him if he had a good time, he just nodded with the a grin pasted on his face all the time. By using hand actions told me that they sang a ladybird poem. On asking what he ate, he said "Daal, Roti..Parantha". When we told him he has to go with Monu bhaiyya in the van to his daycare Oxford Kids, he was happy although wanted me to accompany him in the van. But when I showed him other kids who are going to be with him in the van, he didn't insist.

I spoke to his daycare supervisor in the afternoon around 2:30 PM to ask her how is he doing. She told us he is so excited and very happy. He filled her up with all the details on his own . However he told her that "Mujhe bahut bhookh lagi hai. Mumma ne aaj tiffin nahi rakha" so she asked me if I had forgotten to pack his morning snacks. I was surprised since he had told me that he had daal and roti when I met him up at the school. And I told her the same and that the school is going to provide the morning snacks. We both felt that probably he was very hungry with all the excitement and was trying to win sympathy points from her. But I decided to check with the teacher when I meet her next.

Day 3 i.e. today, he was eager go to his new school. I was worried that he might not want to go there today looking back at yesterday mornings incident. But am I glad I was wrong? :)

Today parents were not allowed to go beyond the gate. There was a teacher standing there to collect the kids and take them to their respective classes. I stood there with bated breath watching him trot off. He walked past the teacher, up to the stairs and then disappeared in the gallery. I got a little worried if he has gone to the correct class and asked the teacher if I can just go and check. Initially she kept saying no and told us that there would be teachers who would guide him. But I insisted just for today to go and see and she let me. I ran and saw him walk to the correct class on his own. I made sure he doesn't see me lest he gets clingy. I saw him walking into the correct class and at the same table where he has been sitting for the past 2 days, with his hands on his lap looking around at other kids.

The kids were also in much better shape today. Not a single kid was crying today! I was quite surprised with this sudden change between yesterday morning and today. That relieved me quite a bit and then I quietly turned back and came out, all satisfied. On the way back I asked the teacher if he was given snacks at the school or not yesterday since there was a confusion. But she said they all were given snacks. She had served them up and told us they had Daal Makhni and parantha yesterday. So that confirmed what Anirudh had told me when I went to meet him after school yesterday. I guess he was famished due to the change in environment and being just excited.

I will go today as well in the afternoon to see him and also to do a sneak check on the van driver to see how he is going to take the children. But definitely I'm quite satisfied on the whole and not tense at all like I was yesterday at this time :)


  1. So good to know that thing are getting better at his school. I can imagine how hard it must be to leave him crying like that. It is only a few months ago that rishab did this. But I was surprised to know how fast he calmed down, as told by his childminder.
    Just an idea, you could give him an apple or so, in case he is still hungry, for the day care.

  2. PG: Once he reaches his daycare, they freshen him up, change his clothes and give him his lunch by 1 PM.

  3. Going to school is somehow a much bigger step than simply going to daycare. I think children understand that, and maybe thats why they also get a bit anxious and nervous. I'm glad he feels much better about going to school now :-)

  4. Not sure how I landed here.. I have also got a 3 yr old with the same name (missing a 'h' though!).

    Interesting to note your posts on Anirudh. Will be visiting more frequently from now on.

  5. Glad to hear he is doing better ... hope/wish/pray for more sunny days ahead!


  6. I relate to so many experiences you are having ! And Hugs :)

    Mine is not yet 3, and he goes to a play school called Step by Step in Panchsheel park.