Friday, April 25, 2008

His hindi

I just love the way he talks in Hindi sometimes. The words he uses and how it puts it across. He speaks in quite a style..probably "Adab" would be the more appropriate word but sorry don't know the English word for it. At least can't think of it as of now. For example if he wants something he will say "Main coloring karna chahunga", "Main xxx khana chahunga". He doesn't say "Mujhe woh chahiye" or "Mujhe woh khana hai". I find it really sweet.

Another thing that I have to learn from him is how he tells us if we do something wrong. He will not say "Aapne galat kara". He says "Koi aise karta hai?" or "Yeh koi achhi baat hoti hai?". I somehow find the tone that makes you look at it positively. That makes you stop right on the tracks without getting angry. It kind of makes you answer to yourself that you have done wrong.

I really have to learn this from him.


  1. I have also seen one of my cousins doing it. Bade lakhnavi andaaz hain Anirudh ke. :D
    But this phase will pass very soon.

  2. anirudh is one helluva special kid!! :)

    kudos to the parents! :)