Friday, April 25, 2008

The alphabet soup!

Anirudh got this lovely packet of alphabet noodles from his Mausi when she came down in March this year. I can put them any soup and he will just lap it away. Not because he loves the soup but because I blackmail him by putting these alphabet noodles which he just cannot resist. :D I hope you can make out those alphabet noodles in the picture.

Yeah yeah! I know I am being a "meanie mommy" but I don't care!

Betu clicked this picture himself. He just wouldn't let me click saying I won't be able to click it good enough. Sigh...what trust the kids have in their parents!

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  1. Oh god! Such a lovely blog! Really.

    It feels really good reading the starting pages. For sure, I am gonna read all your posts in few days.

    Thanks for writing such wonderful pieces.


  2. Hi

    Nice to read your comment.

    I did attend my friend's engagement ceremony despite being clumsily dressed and having eyes aching. Also did I suffered its consequences while working in office last night. LOLz!

    Well. Grateful to you that you left a comment over my page.

    This morning I was just searching blogger and got URL of ur blogs. May be because you were writing till late late last night and your profile appeared in the recent list when I was searching.

    Whatever, yet also I am reading your blog. Seems really wonderful. Giving too much emotions frisking somewhere inside while pondering how lovely the relation between a mother and son is.

    And how blissfully you are enjoying and preserving these moments like a blessed mom! Wow! Thats perfect way.

    May heaven be always with you.

  3. sigh!!!
    the things we do - to push food down your kids throats!!!

  4. Ha ha..Yet the joy of it and feelings attached are unparalleled.

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  6. Rahul used to love alphabet noodles as a child. I guess some things never change :-)

  7. ahhh..I wish I got a mousi like Anuridh's..

  8. I'm quite happy to know this. :) And, yes, what don't we moms do to make them eat! And that is Ok. As, even we adults (especially hubbys :D) need that too!

  9. that's a good picture he's clicked!!!

    here we even get it in te shape of cars and bikes..needless to say, that is a big hit!!!

  10. i would eat my soup with more enthusiasm too if it had alphabets in it!!

    leme ask daddy-o to buy some on his trip this time!! then i will be meanie mommy too! ;)


  11. Yeah..I'm fine with being a meanie mommy as long as they continue to eat properly! :D