Monday, April 7, 2008


Just read a post on Sundar's blog where he wrote about his conversation between his daughter on what she wants to be when she grows up. (Sundar, I hope you will not sue me for plagiarising as I'm copying the title right off from your post title :D )

Reading his post reminded me of my conversation with my Anirudh on Saturday night (Apr 5, 2008) around 11:00 PM while we were driving by "Air Force" club near India gate. He saw the fighter plane models displayed near the entrance and that triggered a little conversation between me and him:

Betu: "Mumma look..aeroplane! Mujhe usme jaana hai"
Me: "Betu, thats not an aeroplane. Thats a fighter plane. Usme sirf pilot baithta hai..ek fighter pilot."

Betu: *looking confused and not buying my statement*
Me: "Jab 2 countries ke beech mein war hota hai to fighter pilot usme baith kar fighting karne jaata hai."

Betu: "Fighting karta hai??" (Looking even more confused now)
Me: "Aur aeroplane mein pilot baithta hai aur logon ko ek jagah se doosri jagah le jaata hai"

Betu: "Main pilot banunga"

I didn't ask him anything else neither he said a word further. This is the first time he has talked about what he wants to be. We have never talked to him about what he wants to be when he grows up so that kind of left me a little amused. And at the back of the mind, I had already started calculating how much money should we start saving in case he actually wants to go for commercial pilot training :P


  1. Its good that he has just expressed 1 desire. Ansh wants to be a cobbler, painter, driver, doctor,Shah Rukh Khan & what not!

  2. I like his aversion to word 'fighting'.

  3. Atleast he has said something about what interests him enough to pursue it as a career. Bunty is 10 and still has no clue even when I ask - he just shrugs while Bubbles wants to become dancer, doctor, parking officer, singer !

  4. Good why commercial , he wants to be fighter pilot :)

    I wonder if he understands the concept of countries and fights between them.

  5. hi fighter pilot is lot better than "pregnant"..

    Jr. wants to be a ballet dancer, teacher, art teacher.. usually a teacher variant.

    dont think there is any correlation between what they want to be at 5 vs. what they become at 25!