Thursday, April 3, 2008

End of day 3 and starting the day 4 at new school

Day 3 ended quite well. Much better than how I had expected it. I reached his school early yesterday afternoon and sneaked inside the reception just next to the area where the kids assembled before being dispersed to their respective school vans/buses or handed over to parents. And I was peeping through half open blinds to see how he is faring. They stopped letting the parents in soon after I had got in. Thank God for that!

I saw him walk along with his classmates and teacher who made them sit in a line on the steps just outside the reception area. I kept looking at him all the time. He was smiling and looking here and there and then he looked at the window. And he locked his gaze there. And then he smiled and just wouldn't look away. It was obvious that he had seen me. And I was like..this boy is so the hell did he see me through those tinted windows and half closed blinds??

I smiled back at him and stayed inside because my purpose was to do a sneak check on the driver. But after a minute I just came out because he just wouldn't look away..he kept looking in my direction and kept smiling..all the time!

The moment I reached him, and bent down I got a nice hug from him and then he started to sing the new ladybird poem they were taught. Told me he had Kadhi-Chawal for snacks and that he had lots of fun. He told me that today only one kids was crying. When I asked him if he tried to pacify that kid he told me "Woh to Ma'm kara rahi thi na" :D

Things were much better handled and organised yesterday. It was not as chaotic as it was on the 2nd day. Kids were not crying, there were no parents inside to trample on the kids. It was so very peaceful. So after his driver collected all the kids, he sat in the van and went away to his daycare.

Today i.e on Day 4, he has gone in his school uniform. The school had given the leeway to send the kids in home clothes for the first week. Yesterday we bought his white school shoes and a water bottle which made his uniform complete and thus decided to send him in his uniform itself. Since he was excited about wearing the uniform too, I thought why not!

There was a slight difference in his behavior when I dropped him at school yesterday and today. Yesterday he didn't even turn back once to look at me but today he turned back at least 5-6 times. He did not seem as happy as he seemed yesterday. He wasn't smiling today. But I'm not worried. We all used to have days when we didn't want to go to school.

its 1 PM right now and I called up his daycare. They told me he reached there 5 min ago and was having his lunch. I am so eager to know how his day went today when I meet him in the evening :D


  1. Yay!!!! Congrats. He looks cute in that uniform. But did he loose weight? It looks like that..or uniform is too loose ?

  2. He is such a smart boy! And such a cutie! the pictures are lovely. lots of love to him.

  3. I guess he can sense your presence wherever you may be hiding! Well, that is great! Love to him

  4. he looks utterly cute in his uniform... poor thing will settle soon... it not an easy transition but you and he will be comfortable settled in the new school and its routine in no time!

  5. hmm.....reminds again me of my first day in ukg here after we left delhi in 1991..:))..[keep posting]

  6. time flies!!!...

    all te best to you, momma..may u concentrate well on work :)

  7. So he likes going to school.. good.. The uniform looks cute.

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  9. he's looking so cute in that dress, and i can see he can walk n run around :-) lucky chap.. when will i be able to do all that

  10. Thanks all!

    Swati: He has had a haircut recently and he always looks thin after his haircuts.

  11. I know I am late but you know the reason also.

    After going thru all comments, just one query left for me now.
    Didn't he tell you how he guessed you were there behind the blinds ?