Monday, December 8, 2008

It begins early...

A recent conversation with Betu after I picked him from Daycare:

Me: Aapne kya kya kiya school mein aur daycare mein?
Betu: Kuchh Nahi (in quite a low/sad tone)

Me: Kyun? Kuchh to kiya hoga. masti kari hogi. Aapko mazaa aaya?
Betu: Nahi

Me: Kyun?
Betu: Mujhe Vrinda ne maara! (Vrinda is a 6 year old girl in his daycare)

Me: Aapne usko pareshaan kara kya?
Betu: Nahi. Main to usko bas kiss kar raha tha.

(His kisses are limited to cheek ones so far *wink*)

I had to really really control myself from laughing out hard. But I did laugh even though it was a suppressed laughter. And I was glad that Betu sits at the back seat and couldn't see me laughing else it would have hurt him more.

And at the same time I felt such a twinge of pain seeing how hurt he felt. There was this innocence and genuineness in his statement.

I gathered myself and told him that he should ask his friends if he can kiss them before doing so. I just didn't know what to tell him I definitely didn't want to tell him not to kiss because it would have meant its a bad thing which its not.

So again everybody. Any ideas on how to tackle this?


  1. hehhehhe...

    But I think you did a right thing :)

  2. just pretend its an ordinary thing..he will loose interest...:)...

  3. I think that was just the right thing to say. Not more and not less, keep it to that.

  4. Now I'm imagining him asking Vrinda if he can kiss her :-)

    On a serious note.....I'm tongue-tied, no clue how to handle this.

  5. i thinl you did a good job! :)



  6. I think u did the absolutely right thing. :)

  7. That was funny :-) I'm sure he would have forgotten about it by now. You were right in not telling not to kiss anyone.