Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mumma doesn't know a thing

Today morning after hubby gave Betu the bath, I was trying to get him to wear clothes pretty quickly as it has started to get really chilly now. As usual, he was not standing properly and making it so tough to make him wear his clothes. And then I yelled saying "Anirudh!! Seedhey khadey ho! Tum thand kha jayoge nahi to!". He looked at me with such a bewildered expression and asked me "Thand koi khane ki cheez hai? Koi usko khata hai kya?".

I, as usual, just cracked up laughing and didn't know how to explain that there are phrases that one doesn't need to take by their literal meaning!

After we both were done laughing he didn't forget to add "Mumma ko to kuchh nahi pata!" and he went off to watch his Little Einstein :D


  1. :D

    he is walys ready with an answers that leaves you speechless, isnt it?!



  2. I agree. Language quirks are more confusing than anything else, even in adulthood. From a child's perspective, it must be worse :) But he really has super cool observations I must say. :)