Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Paper laces

Yesterday Betu and me sat down to make these paper laces. Remember we used to make them as kids?

In the beginning he was a little confused when I was making the first one. But when I opened it and he saw the cut work he was mighty excited.

Then he wanted to do it too. I folded the papers and drew the lines where the paper needed to be cut. And he cut the paper on those lines. The amusement and excitement each time we opened the folds of the cut up paper was writ large on his face. And there was no stopping. So one after the another, we kept going. Here are some of the ones that we did -


  1. so many memories were refreshed seeing these :)

  2. this is so cool!! had forgotten them! though now that i look back mayunk made one recently! :)



  3. good game , I have forgotten how we made them :P

  4. beautiful....
    bachpan yaad aa gaya :-)

  5. Lovely! I missed these posts before. two days ago his Ot did these things with him and he liked it a lot and we will also be doing such thigs more now at home. Good!