Monday, December 22, 2008

Making fridge magnets

Anirudh had received this box of "Create your own fridge magnets" as a return gift from a birthday party. Last week we finally got down to making them. The kit contained POP sachet, paints, brushes, moulds and magnets. Basically everything you needed to get to the job of making them. And so we did.

He wanted to take them out within minutes of pouring the paste in the moulds when the POP was still wet! It was such a task for me to keep him away from it. But I somehow managed that.

Here are the ones that we made and it was a combined painting effort of Betu and me which are beautifying what else but our fridge door :)


  1. Beeeeeeeeeeautifullllllll!!
    Lovely! God Job Anirudh!

  2. wow! so pretty :) good job, you two!

  3. There's something for you at my blog, please come and pick it. :)

  4. those are really smart ones.. these days u get these lovely kits...

  5. thats super awesome type of a thing!! :)



  6. Wow.. really gud magnets... i also want one created by Anirudh... It reminded me of the time when i purchased a comic just for a Super Commando Dhruv Fridge Magnet... :)