Thursday, December 4, 2008

One of my "What-the-hell?!" moments was one of those moments. You get busy in the kitchen for 15 min and suddenly you realise you have not heard him in a long while, so you just come out of the kitchen just to check and this is the sight that hits me right on the face! I almost shriek; totally confused if this is the place which was completely in order just 15 mins ago; I pray that this may just be a dream and that someone comes soon and pinches me hard so that I wake up from this horrid horrid dream!!

But wasn't a dream after all! I just sat down with my both hands on my head and no clue what to say, what to do or where to start from. And then as if understanding my pain and seeing the horror in my eyes he comes to me, pats me on the shoulder and says "Mumma..koi baat nahi. Main aapki help karunga!"


  1. Lol.........i love his answer.
    I hope the little guy got a hug just for giving that sweet comment.

    I know what u must have felt. Just a few days ago while I was lying down sidewards on the bed, Ansh placed a raw egg behind me & u can well imagine the mess when I turned to face him!!

  2. lol.. love the why he said "Mumma..koi baat nahi. Main aapki help karunga" kids r smart... :)

  3. oh so sweet....
    see he atleast offered to help that should make u happy

  4. Ha ha ha ! The best part came at the very end. LOL! "Mumma..koi baat nahi. Main aapki help karunga!"
    Too cute! Today only i was thinking of writing about something similar about Rishab. This is nothing, really, nothing as compared to what rishab has been up to. he has been opening drawers he is not suposed to touch. I don't know what to do.

  5. lol!!!! Just what the doctor house used to have the same look uptil a while ago...not its just one room, that has that look...much better than the entire drawing room :D
    Don't worry, they'll get over it...but please don't stop him..

  6. LOL !! he is too smart :) Our house you cannot CANNOT keep toys back ..its not allowed.

  7. :D

    well our house looks like this all the time and we just wait for Amma to come back nexy day morning and make it look little better for at least some time!! :p

    but he offered to help!!! :)



  8. He is really fast. Itne sare toys in just 15 minnutes! Well abhi Sameer ke sare toys nikale nahi hain, varna hamare yahan bhi yahi haal hota.