Thursday, December 6, 2007

Come on! Lets dance to...

..."Dar ge khisko" and "Saamariya"!! :D

Didn't get the first one? Its "Dard-E-Disco" from the movie Om Shanti Om which again is pronounced as Om 'Santi' Om :D

Its still a long way to go before he can say 'sh' properly. Till then please make do with 's' :)

And what more, when any of his songs from Om Shanti Om or Sawariya or Goal are playing we are not allowed to sing along because "Yeh mere favourite songs hain! Aap kyun gaa rahe ho?" (These are my favourite songs. Why are you singing them?) and we are not even allowed to say that they are our favourites too!!


  1. ~nm, reading about your betu takes me straight down the memory lanes .

  2. awww... record this when you will long to hear them again and again...:)

  3. Such possessiveness for something abstract :)