Friday, December 7, 2007

What an observant little guy he is!

Even hubby doesn't notice such little things! He notices what clip I'm wearing, what dress I'm wearing and even the earrings!!

I keep getting compliments from him about my dresses with "Wow! Aapki bress(dress) kitni achhi hai! Bootiful!" (Wow! Your dress is so nice. Beautiful!). But then he will also tell me when he doesn't particularly like my dress. He will make such a face and say "Yeh bress mujhe pasand nahi hai. Yeh gandi hai! Chee.." (I don't like this dress. Its bad. Yuck). And these are the times when I wonder about this adorable little child and his observations. And then I think that he is so much more observant than hubby dear is. Although I would prefer his observations only when he has something to compliment on...hehehe...

Today I had worn my silver danglers. We were on the way to drop him off to school with me driving and he sitting in the front seat next to me. We are waiting at a traffic light and singing the songs playing on the CD. Suddenly he stops singing, touches my danglers and says "Wow! Aapne yeh kaunse waale pahne hain? Yeh to bahut achhe hain!" (Wow. Which ones are you wearing? These are very nice!). I was so awed by his statement and said "Thank you" and smiled all the rest of the way to school.

Once I said thank you, he was back to singing the songs that were playing on the car stereo.


  1. Ohh ..I wonder how he leaves me amazed always ...such observations at this age :)

  2. I repeat, he is gonna be a BIG HIT among girls!!!

  3. Arre waah! Anirudh to wakai main bara opinionated hai abhi se and it's good that he pays attention to dressing up smartly, unlike jhalli me :-)

  4. woww! you have got one cute little admirer there :)