Friday, December 7, 2007

Did you know mosquito nets are fun?

If you didn't, now you know :)

Anirudh just loves the night times just because of the mosquito net that we put on. He things its game time! In fact he loves it so much that he tells us to put it even in daytime on Saturday/Sunday when we take afternoon naps. We usually avoid putting it in daytime being such lazy bums. But he doesn't let us be and we have to comply to his orders of "Machhar dani to lagayo!!" (Put the mosquito net up!).

And yesterday he was in such fun mood that he WANTED me to click him having fun with the mosquito net. The word to be noted my lord is 'wanted'. He usually completely avoids being clicked and in fact gets angry if we click him without his permission. So this was a big and a good surprise for me! :D

Here are some pics of him having fun in his machhar dani (Mosquito net) -

Did you notice how he's trying to pose different for every shot? What a brat he is!!