Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The way he talks..ufff!!

Incident 1:
The other day I was making juice out of fresh apples using the juicer. And I forgot to put the cup underneath which collects the juice and starting putting in the sliced apples from the top and the juice started to flow everywhere. I didn't notice it but Anirudh who was standing nearby noticed it and tried to push me away from the slab lest my clothes get spoiled. At first I got angry thinking why he is he not letting me make the juice in peace and suddenly I noticed the juice pouring over the slab. I quickly got the cup and collected the juice from the slab in it lest it falls on the floor making more of a mess.

Once I was done, Betu chips in "Dekha na? Maine juice ki jaan bachayee!" (See, I saved the life of the juice!) I tried not to laugh and just said "Good job! Thank you."

Incident 2:
He wants to help me in everything I do. So if I'm doing something he will come over and say "Main aapki madad karoon?" (Shall I help you?) and he will not even wait for me to answer and will start at it. And if I try to stop him, he gets angry and says "Aap gussa kyun kar rahe ho? Main aapki madad hi to kar raha hoon." (Why are you getting angry? I'm only trying to help you.)

Incident 3:
One day he suddenly decided that he has to talk to his Chachi. At first I was not sure if I heard him right so I asked him "Nanmun ki Mumma se baat karni hai? (You want to talk to Nanmun's Mumma?). He goes "Haan..Swati se! (Yes..Swati se) calling his Chachi by the name. Me and Hubby had such a laugh but then had to control ourselves and tried to tell him that he's not supposed to call his elders by name. He got irritated and told us. "Nahi. Mujhe Dadi Dadu ne bataya tha.) (No, Dadi - Dadu told me). He was referring to the day when his Dadi-Dadu were teaching the names of all. So in his logic if you have taught him the names, why can't he use them :)

Incident 4:
Since Sunday (Dec 9, 2007) late evening his Bronchitis started acting up and he was coughing so bad all night and throwing up also that both he and me didn't sleep at all. So obviously I didn't send him to school on Monday. And he loved the time he spent with me yesterday. Playing, talking, coloring, writing alphabet and numbers, reading stories and books etc.

Since he was much better today I was getting him ready to go to school. As I took him to the washbasin to get his teeth brushed, he asked me "Mumma meri tabiyat theek ho gayee?" (Am I alright now?) and I answered "Haan" (Yes). So he very sweetly says "Thank you Mumma. I lub you Mumma." I was so totally floored by his such sweetness. He was saying thank you for taking care of him to get over the illness and making him alright.

These are the moments when I say "Thank you God for giving me such an adorable little child! Thank you so much!"


  1. yes, an adorable little child he is.
    touch wood!

  2. Hi ..I got to your blog from the comments u had left on Gauri's blog. The facts that you have a son who is slightly older than my own and that you too are from DELHI *very pleased :)* are reasons enough for me to keep visiting. I love the way Anirudh speaks Hindi :)

  3. OMG, Juice ki jaan bacha li !! I was rolling with laughter !! 2nd is soooo weet and lots of hugs for the fourth one !!

  4. LOL about the valiant rescuer of the juice:)That was soooo cute:)

  5. Nice logic in each of them! :) #3 esp!
    Sweet and innocent - no 4. So sweet!

  6. LOL....Anirudh is sooo adorable. :) Lots of hugs to him.

  7. I am in chennai. Happily settled with my little shop in Chromepet
    Happy Now... Atlast :D

  8. Let God be with you.
    I am Still living here