Monday, December 17, 2007

He was so happy!

Today when I went to pick him up form his school, there as a nicely decorated Christmas tree along with a cut out of a Santa Claus. Looking at it, he asked me if we will put one at home too. I smiled but instead of directly telling him 'Yes', I asked him "Aapko chahiye?" (You want one?) He nodded and I could feel a little bit of doubt in his expression as if he was not sure if I will get him one. So I said "OK Hum bhi lagayenge." (We will also put one.) Ohh how I wish I had captured the ecstatic smile on his face then :)

On the way he asked me if we are going to the market to buy one and when I told him no I have got one at home, I could see a confused expression. As if thinking 'Is Mumma fooling me?' :D

Once we got home, the place I had planned to put it up was totally scattered with his toys and needed some dusting too. So I told him it needs to be cleaned up and he didn't need to be prodded again and he was at it. Putting things properly in his cupboard for toys, brought a dust cloth and wiped away the dust and kept saying in between "Main aapki madad kar raha hoon." (I'm helping you.) :D

Once the place was all set, I asked him to close his eyes and then got out the tree and the ornaments. He opened his eyes hearing the sounds of the poly bag. He was so so happy and helped me decorate the ornaments and kept 3 for himself to play with.

I've been getting a upper hand these days by saying that Santa Claus will get him a gift if he behaves good and acts like a good boy by not throwing his toys around and by putting them back once he is done. :D Its working good so far and now I 'm wondering what will I do once the Christmas is over. Hehehe....

I've promised him a big gift and he waves his hands way over his head and asks "Itna bada?" (This big?) :D

The first two pics are of the one at our house and the last one is from his school.

P.S. I just noticed that in this last pic, he himself is looking like a cutout standing just like Santa. BTW, these pics are from my new BlackBerry.


  1. I can imagine how happy he would have been and 'suppised' ! Well done ~nm !!

  2. he look so happy.. you are such a sport, relly! and blackberries rock don't they. I miss mine!

  3. Thats so nice of you to get him one. And yes blackberries rock, but you can't beat my iphone. tsk tsk :) :)

  4. Cute pics....I can see the joy on his face because of the Christmas tree :) Hope he got his good boy gift.