Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mujhe akela chhod do!

Already? This early? Did I hear it right? I looked puzzled at hubby and he also had such a bewildered look on his face which left no doubts that what I heard was what he said "Mujhe akela chhod do!" when we were pushing him to switch off his DVD and come for dinner. *rolling my eyes*

I thought kids start demanding their own space in their teens. But hello!! He's not even 4!! Why are these children acting like such grown ups so fast? Why can't they be just tiny tots as they used to in our times, like we were? *rolling my eyes*

I just can't believe he said those words. And where the hell did he pick these words from? *rolling my eyes*


  1. Have to say that even I'm stunned. Have you guys ever said that to each other at some point, you know kabhi gusse main? Makes you want to be really careful. Did you hug him afterward or what did you do, tell us about that as well.

  2. Bubbly says that a lot 'just leave me alone, ok ?' Kids hear it somewhere and just want to use those words or phrases to act like grown-ups.

  3. Ruchika : I really don't remember using such a sentence myself. Or by his papa. I tried to talk to him and tried to take him in my lap but he struggled quite hard and it was only when I agreed to watch the DVD with him that he calmed down and later on even came down for dinner.

    I guess he was upset because he was watching his DVD alone and he wants us to sit with him.

    We are trying to sit with him as much as we can from then onwards.

  4. After typing the comment here, I went and switched on the TV, there on one of the Zee TV's soap, they were saying - aap please mujhe akela chod doh, aap sab jao yahan se.

    And I thought that may be Anirudh picked it from TV or a movie.

  5. my betu has said that a couple of times since a few months now. "Leave me in peace" or something similar. And it is typically when he wants to play further and does not want to join us for dinner or lunch. Or for changing diapers! I don't think i ever said that to him or in front of him, but who knows.

  6. Well , I think the same, he must have overheard this from his Pa or Ma ..but if thats not the case ..I am stunned.