Friday, May 23, 2008

Chaddi 'pahen' kar phool khila hai..

Today morning while I was getting him dressed after his bath..I know I know..lot of cour converstaions are from the getting-dressed-after-bath times but what to do. Its either the mornings or evenings after I pick him up from the daycare that our converstaions happen.

So coming back to the beginning, so as I was getting him dressed I told him "betu ne to aaj Beyblades vest and beyblades underwear pahna hai!" Pointing to his vest he replied "Yeh beyblades baniyaan hai!". So I told him "Baniyan to English mein Vest kahte hain". And then I continued to tell him "Aur underwear to hindi mein kachha kahte hain!". He immediately piped in "Nahi..usko chaddi kahte hain!"

I just couldn't control my laughter hearing hte word chaddi and started to giggle. He was quite amused at my reaction and kept saying "Chaddi" just to make me laugh. And then I remembered the title song of "Jungle Book" in hindi which went something like this:

जंगल जंगल बात चली है, पता चला है
अरे, चड्डी 'पहन' के फूल खिला है, फूल खिला है!

एक परिंदा है शर्मिंदा - था - वो - नंगा !
अरे, इससे तो अंडे के अन्दर - था - वो -चंगा !
सोच रहा है , बाहर आखिर क्यों निकला है ( अरे, रे रे रे रे !)

अरे चड्डी ’पहन’ के फूल खिला है फूल खिला है.....


  1. hehe!! he is damn cute!!

    i was eve teased with this song when i walked out in my shorts one day!! geez!!

    but i LOVE jungle book!! :D


  2. I had forgotten the 'ek parinda tha woh....' great that you put those lines too :-)

    Everytime I see a baby in only nappies I think about the same 'jungle junlge baat chali....'song. Me too I enjoyed that jungle book serial and wish i could get that from somewhere for my kids- I am sure they will love it too (offcourse with the help of some subtitles). They have watched other jungle book movies but I just loved this one that I saw in India on TV.