Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yummilicious donuts!

We munched at the food court of Great India Place today evening! Betu saw this donuts shop there and went on like a stuck record to have one! The chocolate one! So off we went to "Mad About Donuts" and ordered one mango donut, one coconut one and one chocolate with custard filling in it!

It cost us 100 bucks for a pack of 3! Quite good for the price I thought when I was paying for it! But when I took a bite of my custard filling chocolate one, it seemed nothing less than heaven!

And betu, who had wanted a chocolate one, grabbed the mango one and ate it hungrily! He flatly refused to eat the chocolate one!

Anyone going there must have these donuts there! They are just out of the world!

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  1. Even I love the chocolate donut with the custard filling. Here Dunkin Donut calls it the Boston Creme. The mango one sounds interesting too :-)

  2. Hmmmmm it sounds so inviting........would love to bite into one :-)

  3. donought baker @ bangalroe.. cant leave the place without munching 3-4 of them.. adn priced quiet economicaly too... :-D

  4. drooooooooooooooool droooooooooooooool droooooooooooooool