Monday, May 19, 2008

He's a growing boy!

Incident 1:
Betu, his Nanu (my father) and Nani-Amma (his great grandma and my Dadi) were eating fruits. My father offered some fruits to my daadi and she refused saying she has had enough. He tells her "Aap fruits nahi khayoge to aap bade nahi hoge!" (If you won't eat you will not grow up!) :D

Incident 2:
Two days ago, Betu, and my cousin's son, Dhruv, were playing together. After a while Dhruv started to be naughty. So his mum told him not to. Anirudh also joined the preaching bit by saying "Aaap aise karoge to main aapko ghumma le kar nahi jayunga" (If you will do this I won't take you along for the outing) :D

Incident 3:
While playing again with Dhruv, when Dhruv was not listening to what Betu was telling him, betu said "Bade bhaiya ki baat sunte hain. Main aapka bada bhaiyya hoon na? Meri baat suno." (You should listen to your elder brother. I'm your big brother. Right? So listen to me) :D

Incident 4:
Dhruv is aged 2 and lot of times we carry him in our laps. Looking at that Anirudh wanted us to carry him as well. I tried to carry him once in a while but kept telling him that you are a big boy and you should walk on your own. By end of the day he had enough of the declined "carry-me-please" requests so he said "Mujhe bada nahi hona!" (I don;t want to grow up.) I didn't understand why he said that so I asked him "Aap aise kyun bol rahe ho?" (Why are you saying like this?) He replied back "Kyunki fir aap mujhe godi nahi lete" (Because you do not carry me since I'm growing up). I didn't have anything to say to that. He was very right from his point of view. :D


  1. LOL!!! One smart cookie! :)

  2. He is a fun guy to be around :-)

  3. Get him a younger sibling and then you'll see how he'll keep changing sides on whether he wants to be a big boy or a baby depending on what suits him. Its hilarious, believe me ;)

  4. ha ha ha.. smart boy :-) i loved the "Mujhe bada nahi hona!" - soo cute :)

  5. So sweet :) I have heard the first 3 , i mean different versions earlier from his mouth directly, but last one is soooo cute :)

  6. Oh so cute! I was trying to imagine him saying the first one to Amma, I'm sure she had a good laugh hearing it.
    About not wanting to grow because of the same reason I've heard from Rishab as well. :)

  7. hey, i love those things u do bro.. especially the 2nd one..i did that too yesterday (by actions) when i wanted my dad to take me out to the park :-)

  8. o man the things these kids come up with.....

  9. Oh! So cute - kids do say the darnest things, don't they? :)

  10. Aall: Yes..he sure is cute but at time his cuteness gets to me. Get what I mean? :D

  11. :)

    itta saara gyaan ittese bacche se!!

    he really is a classic case meri billi mujhiko miaow!! hehe!!


  12. Funny and insightful. Very cute.