Wednesday, May 14, 2008

He wants a moustache!

Today morning after Betu came out of his bath and I was wiping him, Hubby came and gave him puchhas. Betu started to squirm a bit and on asking why he said "Aapki mooch chubh rahi hai" (Your moustache is hurting me). When Hubby walked away after giving him a few more puchhas, Betu said to me "Main bhi boy hoon na. Fir mere kyun nahi hai?" while pointing his finger to his upper lip (I'm also a boy then why don't I have it?). I just couldn't help laughing and called up hubby to tell him this.

When Hubby came to the room, Betu repeated "Mujhe bhi aapke jaise chahiye" (I also want like you have).

On being told that he is small and needs to grow up to be a big boy, he replied back in a kind of flustered tone "Main bada to ho gaya hoon na!"

I guess these days he gets to hear a lot of responses of "When you are a big boy" when he demands to do certain things that he has started to get a little flustered.

But Betu, you REALLY have to be a big boy to have your own moustache! :)


  1. ha ha ha. talk to me abt that... i always wanted to have a beard and a moustach and man, how i eagerly waited to shave first time... :-D

  2. Ha ha ha
    My nephew had this craze for a moustache that, my uncle bought him an artificial one which he would sport all the time........

  3. LOL !! This was soooooooooooooooooo cute :)

  4. hahaha!!

    i guess all boys looking forward to getting one, nahi??

    why not buy him one of those BIG fake ones!! just for the fun of it!!


  5. hehe
    cool - came from swati's blog...

    like mamamia suggested get him one and then when he sneezes he will not want it :P

  6. lol anirudh.. i already got a pic which has a fake muchchy on it.. mom made it.. her sense of humor i tell u !

    by the way, mommy wants to speak with ur mommy, but ive been keeping her hands full.. when she gets some time she sleeps with me :-) will call her soooon

  7. So cute!

    It's hard to tell them "when you're older" when they don't even understand the concept of "older!"

    Still chuckling...

  8. LOL! :D So cute! Yes, what do you say to that. On one hand you keep saying that your child has grown up and then again they are not old enough!