Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some incidents...

Incident 1:
Today evening, on our way to home from his daycare, he was reciting the name of the months in a year. Since he knows them well now I started to tell him today whose birthday comes in which month. So when I told him his Papa's birthday is coming in next month I also asked him what he will get as a gift for his Papa? In the beginning he said "Mujhe bhi gift chahiye" (I also want a gift). I told him that his birthday went by recently and he did get loads of gifts so now when its Papa's birthday he has to give a gift to his papa. So he went in his usual thinking mode saying "hmmm". I prodded him after a while again about what he will get his papa as a gift, so after again thinking for 2-3 seconds he says "Office bag!"

And I thought, "Wow! What an appropriate gift idea!" :)

Incident 2:
Couple of days ago, when I reached his daycare, he was in quite a cross mood. It didn't take me long to realise why. He was the last one to be picked up. All is friends had already left after being picked up by their respective moms or dads. So in anger he siad "Main aapke saath nahi aana chahunga. Aap gandi Mumma ho! (I would not like to come with you. You are a bad mommy). I tried to cuddle and reason with him but nothing was working. So I picked his bag and said "Ok. Mumma is going home now since you don't want mumma". Within 5 seconds he was sitting in the car but after saying "Theek hai. Main gandi Mumma ke saath chalunga. Par main baat nahi karunga" (OK. I will go with bad Mommy but I will not talk to you). I replied "OK" and started to drive back home.

Once he was quiet I pretended as if nothing had happened and started to talk to him. And I guess he had also forgotten and was responding to whatever I was saying. It had not been even 10 minutes from the time I picked him up, that he said "Sorry Mumma!" I didn't understand why he was saying sorry so I asked him the same. He replied "Maine aapko gandi Mumma bola na. Isliye main sorry bol raha hoon" (I called you a bad mommy thats why I'm saying sorry). I replied back saying "OK. Aagey se aap aise nahi bolna." (You should not say so in the future). And soon after I was smothered with lots of pucchas (kisses) and my title of "Aap bahut achhi mumma ho" was restored. :)


  1. wow, what a good gift idea.. and the second incident.. so cute.. only if it was this easy to fix all the problems.. :-D

  2. How cute ..I wonder how can he talk so sensitively. Love to him ...loads of love !

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  4. awwww!! he is just too sweet!! :)

  5. Aww.so cute. I love the way he talks. A lot like Ansh!

  6. That's so cute! He is really a pyaru!