Sunday, September 9, 2007

Anirudh's favourite corner!

Anirudh has found his favourite corner in the house. Of all the places it is the space under the clothes hanger that we use to hang clothes inside the house. He will just put a cushion there underneath, lie down with a book or two and just talk to himself or pretend to read a story. Why I say pretend is because he mostly makes his own stories using the articles and people and things that he sees around himself. It sure is quite funny hearing his self made stories.

So here I leave you with some pictures of his favourite spot in the house!


  1. Hey! I used to do that!!

    Very nice blog. Keep it coming.

  2. Swati : :D

    Parul : Thanks for dropping by! I visited your blog. You are beautiful and you son is super duper cute! You do not have comments enabled in your blog so couldn't comment in there in response to one of your posts :)

  3. wah, what a place he has selected..Good.

  4. Hi nm :I am Anogotha guy. Do you have any family in Delhi. I wish to vist agra. Your son looks very cute like you. You said he is suffering from bronchitis. Use "Pankaja Kasturi Breathe Easy"
    Delhi is a very polluted city mind it. My wife is a smart mother. To be honest your blog in malayam " Orumba None irrukunu!

  5. whant is angoatha guy