Thursday, September 6, 2007

Answering questions about body parts!

Anirudh and I were cuddling in the evening today and he goes "Mumma, mere ek tummy hai aapke 2 tummies hain!" And I ask him "Nahi Betu, mere bhi ek tummy hai (pointing at my stomach). 2 kahan hain?" So he points at my chest and says "One tummy, 2 tummy!" I was so dumbstruck at his statement and tried to tell him that it is not a tummy. So he asked me what it is and again I was lost with no answer and told him those are nothing. Since he was not satisfied, he plainly said that those are 2 tummies and the matter was closed. Closed more so because I couldn't think of an appropriate answer to explain and tell him what they were.

And its been really really long since I have changed clothes in front of him so definitely it is something that he is recalling from his earlier memories.

Ohh boy! Any suggestions on how to tell him about them? And do I need to? Can I ignore this question if it pops up again? Have you faced this questions from your lil ones?


  1. oh boy!!! talk abt embarassing questions! no idea how to answer it..
    I can't help laughing though :)

  2. Let me have a hearty laugh first.
    My older one calls it guggu baata and she knows its function as she sees me nursing the little one. In your case, not sure if he is old enough to understand. hmm...
    Oh, and he is so sweet in the rolling aata photo :)

  3. LOL!! The way kids find answers to their own questions :P

    I think you should just tell him the actual name of the body part in a matter-of-fact tone. Just say "These are my breasts" and leave it at that. If he asks more you can tell him more depending on how comfortable you are answering those questions. Or just say "these are a part of my body". I have seen that most of the times they are just looking for straight-forward answers. Not answering their questions or giving incomplete answers might confuse them more.

  4. Kodi's Mom : I glad it was only me there when he asked that question? Hehe....

    RDBans : I guess it would have been easier to explain if he had seen someone nursing their little baby.

    Getting there : Your suggestion sounds good. Will try that. But I hope he doesn't put me in a more embarrassing situation in front of others :D

  5. LOL ~Nm! I think you could just tell him those are your breasts and tell him that he also has them, and leave it at that.

    And if he doesn't leave it, then you might have to tell him why your breasts are bigger than his, and why it is so for girls, and not for boys, and.... LOLOLOL!
    Have fun!

  6. I think you can tell him the fact ..these are your breasts ..he will ask you why he or men around dont have ..and you can say that only ladies have. And thats it ..finish it there.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAAA! This is brilliant. Reason #23975 why not to have a kid and deal with embarrassing questions! TeeHee!

  8. rotfl. Chip asked me this question a couple of months ago and I told him they are called breasts. He spent a good five minutes looking at them, compared with his own chest and now has lost interest. Best to take away the hush-hush-ness of it.

  9. My betu asked me this a few days back only. He is a year younger than Anirudh. Since i cannot maker go out of the bathroom while I am taking a shower or changing he gets to see me everyday like that. That day he started naming all the body parts he knows until he saw my breasts and asked what they are. I told him they were breasts. And he was quite happy and had a big smile on his face. And repeated the words a couple of times. Since then he does not bother any more. I have also told him that they are there for the baby to drink milk from and that he also was breastfed when he was a baby. He has seen a friend of mine breastfeeding her baby as well, so I think he understood.

  10. I did the explaining thing. Girls have this and boys have this. And he's sort of okay with it. Until sometimes when he gets the urge to wear a bra...

  11. hey my daughter came up with the same question (they go by the name "pom-pom" I told her what they are called in english and the purpose of it in a very matter of fact way (along with body parts like hands etc)...she is just 6 and seems to understand!!

    you could try it out too..explaining matter of factly!