Friday, September 21, 2007


That's what Anirudh calls his Parnani (my dadi). Amma - because that's what we call our Dadi and Nani since she's from my side of the family. So thus was the name coined by us for him to refer to his Parnani - Nani-Amma!

I clicked this picture on September 15, 2007 when we had a family get-together. And when I was looking at this pic after downloading it on my PC I was smiling...a real big smile. But then I felt a bit sad that I didn't have any good pic of Anirudh with his Parnana (my Dadaji) when he was still alive. I've a few but somehow in none of the pics both their faces are visible completely. Anyhow, no point in crying over spilt milk.

But I'm so glad that Anirudh is also able to spend time with his Nani-Amma. Reminds me of our times with our set of great grandparents. We have such fond memories of them. And when I hear from my friends most of whom hadn't even seen, forget about spending time, all of their grandparents I feel so very lucky to have not just spent time but have great memories of my Great grandmothers - from both paternal and maternal side of the family. And I'm glad Anirudh will also be able to say the same when he grows up.

But then it also made me wonder about one thing. We, the people from our generation, have started having our babies so late that by the time they are of school-going age, their grandparents are already 60+ if not more. And I've noticed this age difference is growing even more lately. And I wonder, if we will be ever able to see our great grandchildren and probably even our grandchildren? The ages at which we are getting married and at the age when we are having our children I really wonder how much of a possibility will this be.


  1. Thats a very lovely pic :)
    On the last para, yes we marry late, but the average life span is increasing too, making up for the lost time :)

  2. I dunno, Nm.. Sonny boy hasn't even seen his grandfaather, leave alone his great grandparents. I married late (29)and had a baby late too..
    sometimes I feel getting married at 23-24 has its pluses... but then I have cousins of that age who swear they aren't going to marry ANYtime soon now! And I agree with that too- after all once you get married, you can never have time for yourself the way you do when you're single...:-D

    But when I think of grandparents bonding with their grandchildren... yes, it makes sense to have kids early...

  3. A very nice picture! I am waiting eagerly to take one of Rishab like this as well. :)

  4. I know what you mean. I had The Bhablet at 24, and I enjoy watching my parents running after him, being able to do that.

  5. I have such great memory of my maternal grand mother..she died whn i was about 13...she introduced me our mythologies as bed time stories...every child shud hve tht experience...