Saturday, September 15, 2007

Anirudh solving Sudoku

Anirudh observes me solving the Sudoku puzzle every day. And when he sees me writing on the paper he wants to do the same. And he gets really annoyed when I stop him from. I'm sure he must be thinking "She writes herself and doesn't let me write!" :D

Today day I very generally told him that we fill in numbers in the boxes from 1 to 9 in this game. He was so elated hearing it and said "Mujhe numbers aate hain!" I nodded and said yes to him.

So as I'm thinking what to fill in, he just took way the paper and pen from me and started solving it on his own. And his logic for solving the puzzle was that if there is a number 5 written in a box, the next empty box has to be 6. Why? Because what number comes after 5? Number 6!! hahahaha...

But well..his logic was correct in his own way..right? I was so amused that I let him solve it the way he wants to. So look at him solving the Sudoku puzzle - probably the youngest progeny in the world to be solving one!!


  1. ROTFL. Thats a math whiz right there!!!

  2. Very cute NM! Its amazing how they exactly imitate what we do! The way he intensely concentrates on the picture is really nice!

  3. :) Another instance for us to realize what a talented and intelligent kid he is.

  4. Like I always say..he is one thinking boy!!

  5. dotmom, timepass, swati, stone : Yes..he sure is ONE thinking boy!

    mnamma: sure amazes me every time he imitates something or the other which me or DH do. I'm yet to click his face expressions when he's concentrating hard on something..hehehe...that will surely be a funny pic