Thursday, September 27, 2007

What is this image?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind as to what is depicted in this image below?
Write in the comments about your THE VERY FIRST THOUGHT - just put one thing and then I will tell more about it!

The answer-
It was really interesting to see the what creative things we thought this article in the image above was. From clothespin to a ladder to an artistic imitation of Eiffel tower! My first thought was it was some kind of a artistic Art Stand. I really loved going through everyones responses! Thinking different...going beyond the regular stuff! Loved it!!

So what is it? Only one of us guessed what it was actually - AN EASEL.

Yes that's what it easel..for painting and coloring ..for kids! :D So Cee Kay aka GettingThereNow, the prize goes to you for guessing it right!!

What did Anirudh say about it?
He said "Yeh to teda meda A hai!" :D

So what does it show or mean? If a 3 year old child and all these adults all find it as an "Alphabet A", I think it could mean we all are little kids by heart which in my opinion is a wonderful thing!

So what do you say guys???


  1. 1. the latter A

    2. a tent

    3. a rocket waiting on a launch-pad

  2. a mundane clothespin?
    a play model of the Eiffel Tower?
    an object and its shadow?

  3. one more vote for A.
    I'm guessing Anirudh saw something else...pray tell! soon!

  4. I thought of letter A too...
    Well I think child like .what can I can say :):):)

  5. A ..then it also looked like a finger figure with its hand behind the back...

    i thought it was picture holder

  6. Oh no, am joining in after the answer has been given.. I thought it resembled the Eiffel tower when I first saw it, then the later A but not once did it cross my mind that it could be a weasel.

  7. My first thought was alpahabet A and then a clothespeg :) It is an unusual kind of easel!

  8. You are tagged Anirudh's Mom!

  9. I guess I am a child too coz it was an A all the way for me!

  10. I saw the picture even before i had read your question and then I first finished reading the newer post and read this one later. Well, even i thought it looked like the alphabet A, but I had to think a while to be sure that my first thought looking at it was something like a clothespin and the alphabet A was after i looked more carefully. A very neat design of an easel. It is good fun reading your posts.