Thursday, September 13, 2007

There's something seriously wrong somehwere!

It has been 10 days since Anirudh has been getting dangerously hurt himself! How he's managing to do it is beyond me!

September 2, 2007 :
We are leaving from Appa's house and he rolls down 8-9 steps. I'm shrieking more than he is looking at him going down the stairs. He has been up and down those stairs at least 100 of times uneventfully (thank God). But it happened..what I had been dreading all the time! Luckily he didn't get hurt except for a few bruises on his right leg. I was more shocked than he was. I needed more calming-down than he did.

September 2, 2007:
We are DH's Mausi-Mausaji's house and Anirudh is playing around having fun with his Yashu Bua. Then he goes to watch a DVD on her laptop and sits down on the chair. We left him for not more than 5 mins and we hear a crashing sound. The chair had toppled over and he had cut his tongue by his own teeth with blood oozing out. WE immediately put sugar and ice there and it stops withing minutes.

September 6, 2007:
Despite us telling Anirudh not to climb our glass top side tables, he just doesn't listen. It was around 9 AM and I've gone to the loo and I hear a crashing, glass breaking sound and wails of Anirudh. I hurriedly run out to see the side table has fallen sideways and the glass is broken and Betu is standing there between those pieces of glass and crying. I was aghast and immediately scooped up Betu and make him sit in a different room and looking at his body to see if he got hurt from the glass breakage while trying to calm him down at the same time. Luckily nothing..not even a scratch! The glass on the table top was 1 CM thick so thankfully it didn't shatter into tiny pieces but just in 4-5 pieces. So that kind of saved him from getting hurt.

September 8, 2007:
I'm in Kitchen, DH was shaving and we hear this clink and then crash. We both run and see Betu is holding remains of what were 2 glasses with glass pieces shattered around his feet. Again we scoop him out and as he is minutely examined for no injuries and when we ask him what happened he said "Main to cheers kar raha tha!" He had noticed us doing cheers and clinking our glasses and he was trying to do the same thing on his own but I guess he used too much force. We just rolled our eyes and calmed him and asked him to not do it again.

September 10, 2007:
Don't remember what me or DH were doing but suddenly we hear Anirudh's wailing sound and we rush to see he was trying to climb or god knows what with the broken side table and he hurt his right eyebrow badly because of that. He got a little bump on the center of his forehead too. Even after putting loads of ice-pack the bump just refused to flatten out.

September 13, 2007 (i.e today):
Myself and Anirudh were having a pillow fight and he suddenly runs toe the living room where his Richie Rich cartoon was showing and suddenly I hear his big shriek! I ran, DH ran and DH scooped him up with blood flowing out from his lower lip as if someone had opened the water tap. I immediately rushed to take out ice and some sugar (sugar supposedly helps in stopping the blood) and we put both there on the injured inside of the lip. But it took about a minute for the blood to stop flowing out and then we noticed it was a 3-4mm gash in the inside lip. We sprinkled Ferrum Phos powder on the gash too. He was again trying to do something with that broken-top side table and hit his face right on it.

Me and DH got so angry...not at him so much as on ourselves. And now we have put away that broken-top side table in the store but it feels so bad that why in the hell did we delay it so much. We should have kept it away then itself when the first incident happened.

So looking at so many accidents in the past 10 days is really scaring me out and I'm thinking like those old aunts on the lines of "his stars are not good these days". And I'm praying no more suchincidents to happen in the near future. Really praying hard!


  1. oh! no. I hope this phase gets over soon.

  2. Sounds terrible.. Hope its just a phase and he is at the end of it. Hugs to Anirudh..

  3. Betu ko khoob sari pucchian dena mausi ki taraf se. Use bolna apna dhyan rakhe. I know he'll probably not understand it, but who knows if you keep repeating it, itmight just work. That reminds me-- Remember the time I broke Kanwa uncle's sink while trying to touch some stickers on top :-) But I was older that time.

  4. Toi Toi Toi! That is what we would wish you here, that it does not happen again.
    The only thing I can think of is that he has reached a phase where he wants to try out things which wern't possible for him before or were not so dangerous because of his smaller size/weight. Do keep his school and daycare teachers informed.
    Could he tell you what had happened or could you talk to him afterwards about it?

  5. Accidents happen, but thankfully Anirudh managed to escape relatively unharmed. God grant that he steers clear of even such 'relatively harmless' accidents.

    Maybe you should do some of those home remedies for dhrishti.

  6. Gosh!
    Hope everything is fine now. Yes, some days are bad. Like JLT says maybe u shud "utaro nazar" for him :)

  7. So scary these kids can be. The brat is careful in many aspects, so careful to the fault. But the baby is crazy, though she can sit and lie down and stand up on her own, she can easily topple over.

  8. hope blogging abt it broke the spell! is he ok now? I mean not trying to hurt himself anymore?
    (am catching up, hence this barrage of comments from me)