Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Betu kahan hai?

Sunday afternoon when we were just lazing around, Betu decided to pull out all the photo albums one by one. The ones dated much before digicam found its way in our home because that's when the count of photo albums stopped increasing and the space on our PC hard disk started decreasing :D

This why we have just one album with pictures of Betu among the rest. As Betu was skimming through the first one, telling who is who and suddenly he stopped and started over again. He looked at the pics again and asked in such an innocent voice "Betu kahan hai?" (Where is Betu?) referring to himself.

Me and DH had such a big smile on our face listening to his question and didn't know what to answer. I tried to tell him "Tab Betu nahi tha."(Betu wasn't there then) hearing which popped another question "To Betu kahan tha?"(So where was Betu then?). :D

That's when I felt that probably he will not understand the whole concept so took out the lone album which had pics of him as a month young baby. He was quite amused and kept asking "Yeh main hoon?"(Is this me?) looking at them.

I somehow was expecting such questions from him one day but I guess I never thought of how I will answer him. I'm sure lot of other people with older kids must have gone through these questions too. How did you try to tell them why they weren't there in some pics because they were not born yet?


  1. Very sweet..May be I would say..that "aap bhagwan ji ke paas the ..and then when mumma-papa asked God to give them a cutie baby he sent you"

  2. How sweet..
    Ironically same thing happened here couple of days back. D asked the same question looking at our pics and answered herself that she was in my tummy. (I guess b'coz she witnessed the 9 month long pregnancy with Dlittle )

  3. so sweeet :)
    You were in the tummy was my sheepish answer :)

  4. While I can't help with the question, can you please let me know the answer. My turn will come soon no doubt.

  5. cute :) I think you did a cool thing by pulling out his albums. but not sure what the best verbal answer would be...how abt saying it as it is and seeing how he reacts?

  6. @all : I remember trying to tell him few months ago that he came from my tummy. His immediate reaction was to pull up my dress and look at my tummy! Hahahaha...I ddn't try to tell him that again!