Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This way or that way, its Mumma's fault!

Yesterday I made pasta for dinner for self and DH and carrot daliya for Anirudh. Me and DH usually like a glass of cold drink along with our pasta. So as we were having Limca, Betu wanted one too. We do not give him cold drinks as such. A sip or two max. No more. (We usually don't get or drink cold drinks except on rare occasions just because we don't ant to do something which we tell him "No" for.)

But he just went on and on about wanting one and started to throw a tantrum. Was I glad the tantrum started after he had finished his daliya? Meanie Mommy! Hehehehe..

Anyhow we finished our pasta but his tantrums seemed to be reaching no end. He started wailing and crying with tears flowing down like a river. But we kept telling him NO. I reminded him what he had said earlier in the evening when I gave him a glass of juice once we reached home "Mumma, no chocolate, no toffee, no cold drinks. Only juice!" He has learnt these lines by heart since he has heard it from me so often. :D

But nothing was helping. It had been 10 mins since all the drama started and I was getting tired of it.'t think I gave in and gave him some cold drink. I got up, took out a kitkat from the freezer and asked him if he wants to have it. It was just so amazing how the wailing and crying stopped in a millisecond and the face expressions change from being so distraught to gleaming eyes and a big big smile and you hear the words "Wow! Chocolate!"

Seeing the chocolate he immediately goes "Mumma, bachhe cold drinks nahi peete!" (Kids do not drink cold drinks). I was literally rolling my eyes. So with happiness flowing everywhere, we went inside our bedroom and he started to open the chocolate with a satisfaction that can best be seen than described. And as he is opening it, he goes "Mumma chocolate nahi khate na?"(Mumma we are not supposed to eat chocolate..right?) So I told him "Haan. To fir aap mujhe de do."(Yes, So give it back to me). But he said no and went on with peeling off the wrapper in the tiniest possible pieces.

After taking a bite he offered me a bite too. When I said "No Thank you. Give some to Papa" he says "Nahi papa ke pet mein dardi ho jayegi" (No. Papa's stomach will ache) I just couldn't help laughing at this.

But don't think that was the end of it. Today morning when he went for potty, he felt a bit uneasy in the stomach. So he very conveniently blames me "Mumma, aapne kal mujhe chocolate diya tha na? Mere pet mein dardi ho gayee. Chocolate nahi khate" (You gave me chocolate yesterday and because of that I got stomach ache. We are not supposed to eat chocolate).

I was left :O for few minutes thinking "Aise bhi aur waise bhi, saara blame mumma ka!" (This way or that way, its Mumma's fault!)


  1. You know BOSS is always don't ask me who is the BOSS at home ;-)

  2. you have a smart little guy! wonder how you're going to handle all the 'blame' :)

  3. Cute..really cute!! I am just waiting for my guys to start talking, and then I can take tips from u!!

  4. Oh yes. It's always your fault. You had better get used to that! :-)

  5. how do u manage to be on the wrong side always :P