Thursday, August 2, 2007

Kissing me all over!

Yesterday late evening around 7ish in the evening I was making some tomato soup as demanded by Betu. And he was standing by my side all the time asking tons of questions and I trying to answer most of them.

So as it was boiling a small drop of soup splattered out and landed on my hand. Since it was hot, I said 'ouch' and started to rub that spot. He got so concerned asking me again and again "Mumma kya hua?"(what happened) despite me telling him "Kuch nahi" (nothing happened). So finally I told him "soup garam tha na, isliye dardi ho gayee" (since soup was hot, it hurt). The moment I told him that he took my hand and started to blow air on it and then he kissed at the spot where the drop had landed as it had gone slightly red there.

I was all smiles looking at his concern and love as he kept saying between the kissing and blowing air "Mumma koi baat nahi, theek ho jayega!"(Don't worry. It will get fine).

And that was not it. He then started to kiss me wherever he could reach up tummy, my bums, my arms over and over again. Then he pulled me down and have me pecks all over my face the way I do. One on each cheek, on the nose, on each eye, on forehead, on chin and on my lips too :D

Once he saw me smiling he felt satisfied that now Mumma is fine and went off to do his things.


  1. so very sweet ..lucky you !! Love to Anirudh and loads of kisses.

  2. Awww... that is lovely. Made my eyes prick, honest!

  3. @all : I also felt totally 'awwwwww..' when it happened to me. And indeed I feel so lucky for havng such a loving and adorable child for which I thank God every now and then!

  4. This is the perfect 'Awwwwwwww....' moment. So much unconditional love can only come from an innocent child :)

  5. Mystic : Yes. Agree with you completely!