Monday, August 20, 2007

I hate the brush-your-teeth times!

Yes I hate them! And I'm referring to the brush-your-teeth times for Betu and not mine :D

Its been so long since we started the daily routine of brushing his teeth but every single day he cries barring the very very rare days when he doesn't. Its such a task to make him stand on the moodha which is used to make him stand at an appropriate height to make it easy for me to brush his teeth. And invariably he gets a big big scolding and once in a while a slap from me when I'm trying to brush his teeth.

And this is exactly why I hate this brush-your-teeth times. Simply hate them. I hate that he cries so much. I hate that I loose my temper. I hate that I have to slap him to make him stand an let me brush his teeth!

I really don't know why he hates it. I've tried everything from different types of brushes with different kind of characters to different kid toothpastes. But *sigh* its just not working.

If you remember more than a month and half ago, I had done a post on his teeth brushing issues and how he wants me to sign a song. Now even the singing the song makes no difference.

But that reminds me yesterday when we were done with the brush your teeth song, he wanted me to sing the 'nahai-nahai' song. And when I told him there's no song for it he himself started singing, "When you get up in the morning, nahai nahai nahai..." and I couldn't help looking at him and smiling!

Sometimes it seems its just become a habit for him to cry when its teeth brushing time. Ohh boy! What do I do? Can I console myself that its a phase and will pass away? Any other parent facing this issue?


  1. ~Nm, you have so put into words what goes on in my bathroom too.
    And I feel so mean for scolding him/making him cry first thing in the morning.
    Sonny boy refuses to keep his front teeth closed. Now tell me, how am I to brush wihtout him doing that? I go MAD every morning asking him to keep his !#$%#! teeth closed.
    What doesn't Anirudh do?

  2. awwww..thats so doesnt feel good to make him cry i can imagine..but i think its a phase and hopefully shud go away soon..dont worry chin up till then

  3. Do you have books for children where they discuss about brushing teeth, caries bacteria and stuff. He is old enough to give it a try. Or just find s story about something like this. here there is one story which every parent has learned in school about two bad bad karius and bactus who make holes in the teeth of the chidren when they do not brush his teeth. and from what I have heard it has helped a lot of parents.
    Here is one idea, risky, but who knows maybe he will surprise you. Of course you can know better if it could work. On a day where he is crying too much, tell him that you will not brush his teeh then. You don't like his crying. Surprise him. (His teeth will not fall down in one day.) Watch his reaction and see what you can do then. He might ask you why again. Tell him everything what can happen to children who do not brush their teeth. It sounds mean but on the other hand you have to involve him in the process. He is smart enough to understand. Make him understand why "we are doing it". maybe you havwe done it. Then repeat it. Rishab got a bit scared and immidiately agreed, hearing about holes and that the doctor would have to pull the teeth out. He does not like going to the dentist, that was another thing. :D Or take him to the doctor. He might be able to help as well. It might have a different effect. Bt go to one who knows how to deal with children.

  4. JLT: Since he's crying and has his mought wide open, its easy for me to brush the insides. For the front I angril tell him to close his teeth and he does it while crying but again soemtimes not so I leave it at that!

    RV: Thanks! I am hoping the phase has gone looking at what he said yesterday.

    PG: I will try and find books like that for him. Since he has laearnt so many good habits from the various cartoon characters and books, this might actually work.