Friday, August 10, 2007

Tongue of slip err... slip of tongue?

Yesterday night Betu was playing with the hose pipe of the vacuum cleaner. He would wrap it around us saying he's tied us up and now we can't move. But what in reality he would just wrap it around our necks like a garland and he were supposed to assume/think that we were tied down. :D

Later it became a snake that he was riding on and scaring us with making those 'hiss hiss' sounds.

After sometime it became the water pipe which he uses to water the plants..err..not so much to the plants as to the surrounding areas :D And then he aimed it me and with a naughty smile said "Main aapko geela kar doonga! Mere paani se pipe aa raha hai!"

We literally rolled down on the floor laughing but he didn't understand the reason. But obviously... :D

Although the second time he spoke it correctly but we just couldn't resist laughing and seeing our little son has already started with the slip of tongues :D


  1. HOW COULD YOU? HOW COULD YOU laugh at him :O

  2. Hehehe....the parents' turn has come at last!

  3. Pyaru Anirudh! Well I guess I would have also found it hard not to break into laughter. Just make sure that he knows that you are not laughing over him. I think there is nothing wrong in telling him what happened.