Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Does he really think so much about incidents?

I was just speaking with DH and asking him if Betu went to school fine since he drops Betu at school. And that's when DH told me that on the way, Betu asked him to say sorry to him because he (DH) had scolded him(Betu) in the morning. So DH said sorry and then a minute later he tells DH "Papa, main kal se nahi royunga" (Papa, I will not cry from tomorrow).

Betu was actually referring to the everyday crying affair when its time to brush his teeth about which I had posted yesterday which as you can imagine happened today also.

Me and DH are both are totally dumbstruck that he thinks so much into things and incidents. And its not just today when he talked about an incident which happened an hour ago. There are times when he remembers incidents which happened days ago and tells us that we scolded him that day or we slapped him and how he it hurt him. And it makes us realise that he's such a sensitive child and keeps things to heart which were unpleasant.

Or is he playing smart and trying to make us feel guilty? I wonder......


  1. Wow! As if he had sensed what was going in your mind. Who he might have solved the brushing-teeth problem for you.
    After having read so many of your posts this does not surperise me about his being sensitive and so thoughful at all. Pay heed to them and work harder on you. And well, he is being as thoughful as you are yourself.
    As for geting angry at him. Self control. I know very well, it does not come overnight. I am working on it myself.
    If things go out of control I just take a deep deep breath. And most important give him a hug. And think again why he is protesting, crying or whatever. It helps sometimes, if not always.

  2. PG: Yeah, even I thought that for a moment that thje brushing teeth problem is solved now. You always give such insipring comments. Thanks. I will try and work harder to control my temper! Promise!

  3. with kids this small - how can you tell - if he's making you guilty or really remembers each lil incident.
    Ahhhhhh..parenting is tufff

  4. I didn't realise kids so small had such good memories. I still struggle to remember things.. sigh

  5. Wow!!
    First of all, NM, I really need to update my blogs at the rate you do!! wow!!

    Secondly, yes kids do remember and they keep reminding you too :( We need to be so careful!

  6. oooh. kids can be quite manipulative. Just look at our Chip!

  7. Boy, he is one THINKING child!!

    On 'brushing-teeth' issue I guess, best way is to reason out with him why he hates it so much, I'm sure he has his reasons for hating it.

  8. S2S & Squiggles Mom : True, even I was surprised a child 3 yrs of age will think so much into things!

    Dotmom : Totally agree. They can be REALLY manipulative!

    Stone: If only he will tell...sigh..he just doesn't give any reason when I ask him

  9. We totally underestimate kids. D has surprised us so many times that we don't get surprised any more :) The biggest problem is that they observe us keenly , store it in their little brains and then spit it out later to shock us.